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EcoPro AV starts with a concept. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs, aesthetics, ecological impact, and budget. Whether you need a dedicated home theater, whole house audio, lighting, video, surround sound, or control system, we truly want to be your Technology Partners.  EcoPro AV also can handle all your business’s audio visual needs, from Nightclubs to Boardrooms, Hospitality to Yachts, we can do it all.

What do you REALLY need? A better audio experience? A higher resolution display? An easy to use control system? All of the above?! How about an energy efficient solution for everything!

At EcoPro AV we understand the value of aesthetics. No one wants to have to look past an audio or video system to appreciate the interior design and planning of a space. We work with your design team to integrate technology seamlessly into your home, office, or entertainment venue.



Budget is very important to us at EcoPro AV. We strive to include all costs up front. We understand that times are tight, and without strict budgeting, no one survives. We strive to provide the best, most Eco-friendly system your budget allows.




Engineering is the heart and soul of EcoPro AV. Without proper engineering, systems malfunction, deadlines are missed, costs go up, and the entire project suffers. We strive to reduce or remove any hiddencosts with proper engineering from the beginning of a project thru to the completion of the install and calibration.

Episode 700 Series Speaker Family


We specialize in Home Theater, Surround Sound, Hi-Fidelity 2 Channel, Distributed Audio, Commercial 70V systems, Night Club,  and Full Scale PA systems.


EcoPro AV uses all the biggest and best brands of flat panels to achieve the best video display solution for your needs. We help determine the best technology, LED, LCD, or Plasma, and install it expertly anywhere you need. No installation is too tough! Get the most out of your investment by making sure that your video system is using the least energy to achieve the most dazzling images. With proper equipment selection and calibration, EcoPro AV video systems are cutting edge HD 1080P.

LED Lighting

CFL sales have slumped drastically in the last year. People are realizing that the mercury in those bulbs is poisoning our planet. LED Lighting has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. LED based fixtures are now the industry standard, California Title 24 compliant and are becoming more affordable! We can find a more efficient solution for any lighting situation. From residential can lights to T5 or HID lighting, we have an LED alternative that will help save you energy, money, and the environment.

Control Systems

“Tying everything together with one easy-to-use interface”The control system is what you interact with 95% of the time. The rest of the system is virtually un-touched. This is the reason that EcoPro AV strives to provide the best control system for each application and varied levels of user ability.




Energy Management

This is usually the last consideration in the design process. At EcoPro AV, Energy Management comes first. Through proper research and design we strive to provide the most energy efficient audio/visual systems possible.

Some of our considerations:

  • Efficient digital audio amplifier technologies
  • Surge protectors with network shut-off abilities
  • Equipment racks with wattage consumption meters clearly visible on the front
  • Ultra efficient LED displays and projectors
  • LED lighting and lighting control systems
  • Solar array integration
  • Whole-house real-time energy monitoring and management
  • California Title 24 Green Building Code
  • Recycled, partially recycled, and ecologically friendly components
  • Reduction or negation of carbon footprint
  • Long-lasting efficient solutions

Low Voltage Wiring

The backbone of any system is the structured wiring.EcoPro AV provides our clientsand employees clearly defined prints of plans and diagrams to ensure the best wiring practices are used.

  • Clearly labeled floor plans, calling out all wiring locations
  • Wiring schedules to double check against plans
  • Clearly labeled wire ends (both ends)
  • One extra Cat-5 on every pull for anticipated needs
  • “Future-proof” wiring structure, as retrofitting later can cost 10x as much
  • Staple-free wiring
  • Proper wire lengths at the head ends, reducing the number of connections

Rack Building
Proper rack building is important to the longevity of your equipment. We design, build and test all of our racks offsite. This helps to ensure reliability on many levels including: seismic, thermal, and weight related issues as well as accessibility.

System Calibration

Calibrate to get the most out of your system! A properly calibrated system has more dynamics, more impact, more punch, more drive, and a longer life! Eye and ear fatigue can be reduced greatly with proper calibration. Be sure that your guests or clients are enjoying every moment of their audio-visual experience!

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